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    Electronic Cigarette Cartridges & Refills

    E-Lites offer a wide range of electronic cigarette cartridges available in regular strength (Reds), light nicotine strength (Golds) and menthol (Greens). The different strength and flavour electronic cigarette refills are fully interchangeable with our new G9 e-cigarette.

    By using e-cigarette refills, or e-tips, you will reduce the cost of smoking by up to 70%. 1 e-cig cartridge is the equivalent to approximately 40 traditional cigarettes and buying e-cig refills in bulk saves you even more. If you purchase 100 electronic cigarette cartridges, then ‘20 cigarettes’ will cost as little as £1.50

    10x E-Tips (Approx. 400 Cigarettes)2
    10x E-Tips (Approx. 400 Cigarettes)