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    Electronic Cigarette Cartridges & Refills

    E-Lites offer a wide range of electronic cigarette cartridges available in regular strength (Reds), light nicotine strength (Golds), menthol (Greens) and the latest edition to E-Lites e-cigarette cartridges, nicotine free. The different strength and flavour electronic cigarette refills are fully interchangeable with our new G9 e-cigarette.

    By using e-cigarette refills, or e-tips, you will reduce the cost of smoking by up to 70%. 1 e-cig cartridge is the equivalent to approximately 40 traditional cigarettes and buying e-cig refills in bulk saves you even more. If you purchase 100 electronic cigarette cartridges, then ‘20 cigarettes’ will cost as little as £1.50

    10x E-Tips (Approx. 400 Cigarettes)2
    10x E-Tips (Approx. 400 Cigarettes)