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Adults want children to be protected from tobacco advertising

Posted on May 28, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

A survey of UK adults has found that the vast majority want children to be protected from tobacco advertising. The You Gov survey by Cancer Research UK found that 84 per cent of adults agreed that tobacco marketing is harmful to children and that they should be protected from it. Further results from the survey of over 4000 adults revealed that two thirds of adults believe cigarette packaging, including logos and colourful branding, makes smoking more appealing to children.

The study, conducted by Cancer Research UK as part of their campaign in support of a proposed plain packaging law that would see all tobacco company logos, branding and marketing messages banned from packets of cigarettes for sale in England, also made some illusion to the effect of branding as a means of marketing on children. One in four respondents of the survey said that branded goods were important to their children/grandchildren.

Sarah Woolnough, Director of policy at Cancer Research UK commented: “This is about us as a society saying that it is wrong for tobacco – a product that kills half of all its long term users – to be marketed to children as though it were a bag of sweets”.

The Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association has hit out at the survey, however, saying the study is simply part of a campaign to target people’s emotional nature and does not constitute ‘credible evidence’ that banning branding and packaging design on cigarettes will in fact have any measurable impact on the population’s rate of smoking.

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