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Alan Titchmarsh wows viewers by sampling E-Lites on No Smoking Day

Posted on March 10, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

Mild-mannered Alan Titchmarsh revealed his wilder side when he celebrated the 400th episode of his ITV talk show by puffing on a cigarette in front of viewers and guests.

There were ‘woops’ of surprise from the studio audience but this was no ordinary cigarette. In fact, the housewives’ favourite was inhaling from an E-Lites electronic cigarette, which produce no real smoke – making it a perfect fit for national No Smoking Day!

E-Lites are rechargeable battery-powered devices that contain a small amount of pure nicotine, no tar and produce only a harmless vapour. So unlike conventional cigarettes, with their many added chemicals, this was not a weed for the famous gardener to worry about! And since E-Lites are also unrestricted for use in public places and could save a 10-a-day smoker up to £700 a year, it’s no surprise they are becoming such a hot topic.

Within moments of the broadcast, the E-Lites website, www.E-Lites.co.uk, was deluged as tens of thousands of viewers logged on to find out more.

Titchmarsh handed out E-Lites to his intrigued guests, TV personalities Jane MacDonald, Sherrie Hewson and Carole Malone, who were soon talking excitedly about these latest innovations.

The host said he was a non-smoker himself, but joked that he felt like legendary TV mogul Lew Grade as he puffed on the electronic cigar that is part of the E-Lites range. “I’m sure, if you’re a smoker, they are lovely,” he said.

The anniversary show featured several other guests including comedian Lenny Henry, boy band McFly and actor Nick Moran, star of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

It was broadcast at 3pm on Wednesday 9th March on ITV1, and is now available to watch on YouTube.

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