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Study finds children are attracted to designer packets of cigarettes

Posted on May 9, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

A report has suggested that the packaging used by tobacco companies is being used to target young groups of smokers. The report, by Cancer Research UK, found that tobacco companies were going to great lengths when designing the packaging to contain cigarettes, using bright colours and designs to create ‘designer’ packets of cigarettes to attract smokers.

The report from the charity was based on the responses from 8 focus groups of 15 year olds. The study found that children are drawn to the attractiveness of the packaging used for cigarettes.

Cancer Research criticise the design of packets of cigarettes on the market, saying some have been designed to look like perfume bottles, designed to carry a feeling of sophistication and femininity to specifically target a young female market, the charity’s report claimed. According to ‘The Packaging of Tobacco Products’ report, the use of such designs and colours detracts away from the health warnings on packets of cigarettes.

Tobacco companies were also criticised for using other underhand tactics, such as making packets look like they contain more cigarettes than they actually do whilst still changing the same price.

Jean King from Cancer Research UK commented: "Children are drawn to the colourful and slick designs without having a full understanding of how deadly the product is inside the pack. It is time to end the packet racket."

The report comes just a few days after the government announced the launch of their consultation on the packaging of cigarettes.

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