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E-Cig Use Hits Two Million

E-Cig Use Hits Two Million

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Jon There have been 0 comments

It was widely reported in the news this week that electronic cigarette use in the UK has hit two million nationwide, and the number of smokers who are trying e-cigs for the first time is still rising. This is terrific news for the average smoker and a sign that the country is embracing electronic cigarettes and in favour of their growth.

Charles Hamshaw-Thomas, our Legal and Corporate Affairs Director went into the media this week, supporting the news, saying "Study after study is showing that scaremongering that e-cigarettes are luring people into tobacco is baseless nonsense.”

With electronic cigarettes appearing more and more often in the news of late, The Daily Telegraph have created a short “behind the scenes” film of E-Lites. The seven-minute feature includes talks with the owners, meeting our staff and offices, and offers an exclusive insight into our E-Lites world.

Explore E-Lites with the Telegraph’s video: Watch now!

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