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E-Lites Aid Stricken Ladies Football Club

E-Lites Aid Stricken Ladies Football Club

Posted on October 18, 2013 by Jon There have been 0 comments

E-Lites are proud to announce that we have stepped in to help Nottingham Forest Ladies FC.

We learned of a story that the Ladies football team were facing extinction as club funds had dried up to almost zero. For twenty years of hard work and footballing talent to vanish would be a disaster for the team and the community. That’s why E-Lites have helped out with an investment to secure the team’s short-term future and keep them going until the end of the season.

Nottingham Forest Ladies currently lie 4th and unbeaten in their division and this Sunday’s match against Derby County Ladies was in serious doubt of going ahead. But with E-Lites’ support, the squad can afford to play the game and many more after.

The news delighted the squad and backroom staff, who have been working tirelessly to secure the status of the club. Director of Football at Nottingham Forest Ladies Lisa Dawkins comments: "This is a real lifeline for the club and is a platform to build continued interest and support to the Club across all levels. It has also motivated our members to reach out further in efforts and ensure our longer term survival."

"Without E-Lites’ contribution this week we could not plan to play our next games and cover club expenses for the next 8 weeks. On behalf of NFLFC I cannot thank E-Lites enough for their support."

Trevor Field, Sales and Marketing Director of E-Lites, said: "It is clear these ladies are absolutely passionate about their football and they would have been devastated to see their team go under. I am delighted E-Lites have been able to step in and help them continue playing and enjoying this wonderful game.”

After partnering in the last few months with Celtic, Rangers and Derby County, E-Lites are proud to welcome Nottingham Forest Ladies to the footballing family.

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