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Pioneering E-Lites hit out at BAT’s ‘safe cigarette’ bid

Posted on July 8, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

The UK's leading electronic cigarette manufacturer E-Lites says the race to develop a safe new alternative smoking device has already been won.

The company has issued a defiant response to news that tobacco giant BAT is planning the launch of a ‘nicotine delivery product’.

E-Lites, which has, over the past four years, developed some of the most sophisticated electronic cigarettes on the market, says BAT’s non-electronic nicotine inhaler is unlikely to win many fans among British smokers who are already switching to e-cigarettes in record numbers.

E-Lites Director Dermot Ryan said: “Plans by BAT to produce a rival device to the electronic cigarette could be viewed as a cynical attempt to gatecrash this fast-growing industry. Ultimately, we are confident that our new generation of products are the most credible alternative to tobacco cigarettes. We’re proud that E-Lites is completely removed from the world of tobacco manufacturing. We are focused purely on our genuine alternative. Can BAT say the same thing?

“Electronic cigarettes are making a major impact on tobacco cigarette sales. Advanced technology such as that contained in the E-Lites G9 range is creating a great alternative to tobacco. With products that are reliable, robust and satisfying – but much safer – smokers get a very similar experience but can feel much better about it. This is surely the future.”

The safer credentials of E-Lites were highlighted at a Tobacco Amnesty supported by Dr Hilary Jones, which marked World No Tobacco Day on 31st May. He said: “Electronic cigarettes are another alternative for people who want to avoid the known carcinogenic effects and other by-products of smoking tobacco. I understand the addictive power of smoking and there are some people who like the hand-to-mouth habit and the inhalation of nicotine. If they can't quit completely, then this is a safer option."

Regulation for ethical electronic cigarette companies, like E-lites, is through Trading Standards, supported by ECITA and its Industry Standard of Excellence. ECITA works closely with trading standards, the MHRA and the European Commission promoting a harm reduction policy through the use of electronic cigarettes. This ensures the products are safe and provide a genuine alternative to traditional cigarettes. The ECITA mark is essential proof that the product has been regulated and complies with British Trading Standards.

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