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E-Lites launches Europe’s First TV Advert for nicotine-containing E-cigarettes

E-Lites launches Europe’s First TV Advert for nicotine-containing E-cigarettes

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Dave There have been 0 comments

E-Lites the UK’s leading electronic cigarette brand has become the first company in Europe, and only the third in the world, to produce a TV advertisement for e-cigarettes containing nicotine. The national advertising campaign will air for the first time in the UK on the 19th January 2013 on ITV, Channel 5 and satellite TV.

Commenting on the TV ad E-Lites marketing director, Trevor Field, said: “E-Lites is always seeking to be at the forefront of key industry developments. The production of this TV ad is not only a major step forward for the brand but in fact the whole category and seeks to help consumers to better understand the product and its benefits. It is the first time for decades that an advertisement for cigarettes containing nicotine has been seen on TV in the UK.

“We understand the implications of this and anticipate a reaction, as an e-cigarette brand we take our responsibilities seriously. We appreciate that it is better to quit smoking altogether but there are millions of smokers out there who are unwilling or unable to quit.   E-Lites offer a harm reducing alternative and we feel strongly that we can give smokers a safer and cheaper option to tobacco cigarettes.”

The 30 second ad centres around the provocative concept of ‘You don’t know what you’re missing’.  Featuring Waterloo Road star Mark Benton, as the baby’s father, it shows a family gathered at home for a christening party.  While Dad furtively pops out for a cigarette, we see grandma and granddad beaming with joy as the entire room coos at a baby boy. Mum stands the baby up on his wobbly legs and grandma, with her arms wide open, beckons the little boy to walk over to her. It is a moment to be treasured forever as the baby takes his first faltering steps, tentatively placing one foot in front of the other. He is actually walking and if this isn’t miracle enough he’s really good at it too and at the end of his walk does a little Gangnam Style canter before sitting down on the floor. The whole room is stunned!

At that moment the baby’s dad, having finished his cigarette, comes back into the room and oblivious to the recent events simply says: “So, what have I missed?”  The room remains silent, still stunned as the message ‘E- Lites – You don’t know what you’re missing’ appears on screen.The message behind the ad is two-fold. It illustrates an immediate benefit of E-Lites e-cigarettes - that they can be smoked anywhere without the socially unacceptable side effects including those associated with passive smoking - through the missing of a child’s first steps.  However, the underlying message is more hard hitting, provoking the thought that if smokers continue to smoke traditional cigarettes they are putting their lives at risk, potentially missing future milestone achievements of their child.

Trevor added: “There are over 10 million smokers in the UK, and although many of these will want to quit their habit completely, there are some who simply can’t or don’t want to stop but want a safer alternative and this is exactly what E-Lites offer.  Coincidently, the grandfather of Harry, the baby featured in the ad, was a 60 a-day smoker, switched to E-Lites and subsequently quit his habit – allowing him to see his Grandson’s acting debut.

“We believe E-Lites has reinvented smoking to be safer, more socially accepted and more cost effective than ever before and the TV ad is a great way to communicate that message.”

Established in 2007 and founded by directors Adrian Everett and Mike Ryan, E-Lites has transformed the electronic cigarette market, creating a product that offers the most authentic look, taste and feel of a traditional cigarette but free of tobacco, tar and toxins.

Made using the latest state of the art technology, E-Lites’ patented design offers a unique smoking experience. Containing a nicotine solution which users inhale as a vapour, E-Lites recreate the sensation of a traditional cigarette without the smell, smoke, legal restrictions or impact on passive smokers.

For more information about E-Lites visit: www.e-lites.co.uk

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