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Eastenders Brings Electronic Cigarettes to Soapland

Posted on May 10, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

EastEnders viewers found themselves switching onto E-Lites in early May after seeing the electronic cigarettes used in a recent episode of their favourite soap.

Millions of fans saw new character Marta introduce Dot Cotton to the delights of E-Liting, the alternative to smoking that is safer, cheaper and unrestricted in public places. Dot, one of the TV’s most famous smokers, was initially shocked when she caught her new carer ‘smoking’ in the lounge but was reassured when she found out it was an E-Lites electronic cigarette, which produces only a harmless vapour and no nasty odour.

As the UK’s leading electronic cigarette brand, we were delighted to be asked to supply E-Lites to the makers of EastEnders as part of a new storyline. The fact that electronic cigarettes were featured in an everyday scene is a fantastic example of how our products are being accepted by the wider population. More people are becoming aware of E-Lites every day and this is yet another big step forward.

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