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ECITA defends use of electronic cigarette at work

ECITA defends use of electronic cigarette at work

Posted on December 26, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

The electronic cigarette hit the headlines again this month as a couple out of the millions of UK employers decided to ban the use of the electronic cigarette in their workplace. As one of the employer’s was an NHS Trust there may be something of a vested interest to be declared.

E-Lites know that the reality is that the vast majority of the estimated 600,000 electronic cigarette users ‘light up’ at work without hassle, controversy or even arousing any interest from their colleagues. Wild claims of a ‘potential fire risk’ from the battery used to power the electronic cigarette make no sense as they probably carry the same risk as any other battery operated appliance in the workplace. Perhaps Fife NHS will put a blanket ban on remote controls in their workplaces.

Fortunately, our trade body representing the electronic cigarette sector was on hand to offer some much needed rational common sense. E-Lites is a founder member of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association). It does a fantastic job in giving confidence to ‘vapers’ that they are using a quality product, rigorously tested and marketed ethically. They also stand up for some of the nonsense and downright ignorance that occasionally appears in the press or on TV. Or even on Radio 5 which last month debated the merits of the electronic cigarette, prompted by the ‘ban’ by NHS Fife and Blackburn College. President of ECITA Katherine Devlin told BBC Radio 5 live: "it depends on the situation and whether you are in a customer-facing role. It should be regarded in exactly the same way as having a cup of coffee on your desk at work. If that is allowed in your workplace, then e-cigarettes should be allowed too."

We blogged last month about hard-pressed officials at Leeds Crown Court being told by their bosses to prevent those attending court from using e cigs – even though their use is perfectly legal. The use of e-cigs should, of course, be a matter of common-sense. Users should, out of courtesy, gain their bosses’ permission; it will give them the opportunity to explain there are no health risks to others – no tobacco, no tar and no smoke.

If you ‘smoke’ E-Lites at work, tell us all about it – either here or on our Facebook page.

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