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Electronic Cigarette Trade Body Seeks EU clarification

Electronic Cigarette Trade Body Seeks EU clarification

Posted on October 22, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

ecita regulatory position regarding electronic cigarettesThe Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA), of which E-lites was a founder member, last week sort urgent clarification from European Union over leaked reports that suggested the body aimed to introduce Directives to completely ban the electronic cigarette trade and other ‘smokeless’ products. President Katherine Devlin wrote to Deputy Director of DG Sanco, Martin Seychell. He is responsible for co-ordinating the response to European-wide research prior to the updating of Directive on Tobacco Products (TPD).

The leaked reports suggested that the European Commission would recommend the total ban on all forms of smokeless tobacco across the EU (except Sweden) including a total ban the electronic cigarette. Menthol and other flavourings would be outlawed, and there would be a move to standardised electronic cigarette width, length and colour. The leaks further suggested that there would ban on shopkeepers displaying more than one variety of each brand and graphic warnings on packs covering 75 per cent of the surface.

The recommendations seem to flatly contradict the results of pan European research and polling which clearly indicated a significant majority of respondents were against further regulations, and opposed limiting access to tobacco products.

In her letter, President Devlin confirmed that “electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products, nor are they medicinal products. They have not been introduced to market by either the Tobacco Industry or the Pharmaceutical Industry… the products from the electronic cigarette industry…are consumer products, robustly and well covered by existing consumer product regulations, full details of which we have already submitted for the Commission’s consideration.”

She further pointed out the EU’s own “Eurobarometer survey clearly demonstrates how significant the positive impact on public health could be, if electronic cigarettes remain widely available to smokers.” She reminded Dr. Seychell that millions of EU citizens have already successfully made the switch legally from smoking to electronic cigarettes – would these now be criminalised for their attempt to switch from tobacco cigarettes?

As yet, no response has been received. We would love to hear what you have to say – do you think it is right to ban electronic cigarettes? Should shops be restricted on how or how many ecig brands they stock?

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