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Electronic Cigarettes are Front Page News

Posted on April 12, 2013 by Dave There have been 0 comments

They've already topped the list of most read stories on the BBC website, and featured prominently on the pages of the Daily Mail, but now electronic cigarettes have gone one further to become front page news. Having seen a steady growth in mainstream media coverage in 2013, the prominence of electronic cigarettes took another significant leap this morning as the product was the subject of the main cover story on the Metro newspaper.

Whether reading their own copy of the paper, or nosing over a fellow traveller’s shoulder, thousands of UK commuters will have seen the headline ‘The Smoking Gun’ spread across the Metro’s front page as they made their way to work this morning. Though the headline may have appeared negative, it was somewhat misleading, as the article beneath went on to suggest that nine in ten electronic cigarette users were seeing benefits from switching to the product.

The piece by Fred Attewill quoted ‘new research’ which suggested that many traditional smokers were turning permanently to ecigs, with 86 per cent of users surveyed claiming that they had not smoked a regular cigarette since trying the product. This was a higher figure than those who actually claimed they had switched with the intention of ditching conventional cigarettes.

E-Lites, like all electronic cigarettes offer smokers a tobacco and tar-free alternative which, as it is not covered by current smoking regulations, can be enjoyed practically anywhere. However, according to the research quoted in the Metro only six per cent of those surveyed said that they relied on the devices to avoid smoking restrictions in pubs, restaurants and other public places.

The article went onto suggest that the number of people using electronic cigarettes in the UK, currently estimated to be around 700,000, could well go beyond one million before the end of the year. In the US usage is even more common with experts suggesting that electronic cigarettes could outsell conventional products within a decade.

It is great to see electronic cigarettes being covered positively in the mainstream media here in the UK, and hopefully it will continue across the rest of the year.

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