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Electronic cigarettes as a cigarette replacement

Posted on July 16, 2012 by admin There have been 0 comments

Electronic cigarettes as a cigarette replacementMany smokers, looking for a cigarette replacement, are making the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Since their introduction in 2005, millions of smokers have made the switch. There are many reasons why they do so but here a perhaps the three top reasons for switching.

1 - Saving money

The cost of tobacco cigarettes throughout Europe and USA has increased massively as government’s have continued to increase the amount of tax levied on tobacco to encourage smoker’s to quit. In the UK, 20 cigarettes currently cost £6-£7 for a packed of 20, and in the latest UK budget, Chancellor George Osborne added 37p to the price of 20 cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes provide a much cheaper alternative. Using electronic cigarettes as a cigarette replacement can save a smoker up to 75%. The exact costs will vary from smoker to smoker but most experts conclude that ‘20’ electronic cigarettes cost around £2. This cigarette replacement could save a 20 a day smoker around £1800 at current values – a great motivator for anyone looking to save money but still wanting to enjoy the smoking experience

2- No tar, no tobacco

A second reason for using electronic cigarettes as a cigarette replacement is the simple fact that they contain no tar, no tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes deliver a measured amount of nicotine to the smoker. The liquid nicotine is converted to vapour – replicating the smoking process. The very best electronic cigarettes offer a true cigarette replacement experience: their look, feel, design and construction is designed to mirror the physiological and psychological smoking experience – and the nicotine taste carefully blended to create an experience smokers appreciate.

3- Beating the Ban

The ban on smoking in public places is increasingly widespread across USA, UK and Europe. The traditional smoking locations – pubs, clubs, work place and company cars – are all affected by ‘ban’ legislation and it is possible this may be extended – for example to private cars. Using electronic cigarettes in these locations is perfectly legal, so smokers have used these as a cigarette replacement which has allowed them to continue smoking wherever, whenever they want to.

Electronic cigarettes produce vapour that has no smell so it cannot pollute the atmosphere, wont making anybodies clothes smell – and there is no danger from passive smoking. Even if they continue to smoke traditional cigarettes, smokers often use electronic cigarettes as a replacement cigarette so they can ‘beat the ban’ and enjoy the smoking experience at work and at play.

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