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Electronic cigarettes take New York by storm

Electronic cigarettes take New York by storm

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattinson, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have all switched to electronic cigarettes but it’s not just famous New Yorker’s who are switching to electronic cigarettes. In the USA the ecig is available in disposable and rechargeable form everywhere from bodegas to newspaper kiosks, and they can be used legally anywhere in the city, including indoors. Because they’re not taxed as heavily, electronic cigarettes are cheaper than the tobacco version. A recent Gizmodo.com comparison found that New Yorkers could save anywhere from $1,520 to $3,000 a year switching. Their relative value has helped a once-fringe trend become, if not ubiquitous, then at least an increasingly common sight in New York City.

The New York Observer last month reported on their rise in popularity in the Big Apple and spoke to Will, a 25-year-old playwright from New York. He had discovered e-cigs in March when he realised it was tough to quit cold turkey while living with a girlfriend who was also a smoker. “I thought this was going to be a halfway point,” Will told The Observer. “And so far, it’s proven to be that.” He still smokes the odd butt, but “much much much” less frequently now. “My lungs don’t hurt anymore,” he said.
New York has just barred the selling of electronic cigarettes to minors and their use near schools, and as in the UK they cannot be sold as stop smoking aids. The style conscious New Yorker’s may even come to regard E-lites e-cigs as hip - a small-but-growing subculture of proud “vapers” already at the head of the trend. There is even a dedicated ecig store called VapeNY.
It looks like New York is just the latest location to see the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes.

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