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Electronic cigarettes - the new rock and roll?

Posted on July 21, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

Celebrity use of electronic cigarettes is on the verge of becoming a modern phenomenon! Celebrities are joining millions of smokers switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes. These revolutionary new products are making a significant impact on smoking habits and this is most visible in Hollywood where superstars have been snapped smoking e cigs.

Hollywood icons Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl and Leonardo Dicaprio are all confirmed electronic cigarette smokers and are at the forefront of a change in smoking habits. Depp was even spotted using a device in the blockbuster film The Tourist.

Paris Hilton Johnny Depp

Lindsay Lohan Britney Spears

The UK is not immune to this new trend. Superstars from pop, film and television are converting to electronic cigarettes - including Top Gears Richard Hammond, Dappy from NDubz and the stars from the award winning ‘The Only Way is Essex.

Why is there such a sudden shift towards e cigs? The most important change is the quality of the products that are currently available and leading the way in durable, reliable, high quality mass market products are the UK Company E-Lites.

E-Lites recently launched their new G9 range; these products are hallmarked by their simplicity and reliability. E-Lites have striven to eradicate traditional issues with electronic cigarettes – such as leakage and poor battery life. The E-Lites G9 range have eliminated these issues and produced a state of the art e cig that is truly fit for purpose.

The reward for E-Lites is that their sales are rapidly expanding and they are at the forefront of the electronic cigarette revolution. E-Lites are making their way onto the television screens with appearances on Sky News, The Gadget show, Eastenders and The Alan Titchmarsh Show they are also sponsoring some high profile events such as the world powerboat series, Darts and high profile music festivals.

So are electronic cigarettes the new rock and roll? Dermot Ryan of E-Lites believes that the realisation of this claim could be when legendary rockers, The Rolling Stones, appear on stage in their farewell tour this year. ‘I would love to see Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood on stage smoking an E-Lite. The revolution would be truly complete if these symbols of rock and roll switched to E-Lites. I am sending their management a full set of products and hope that the guys can be tempted to try electronic cigarettes and hopefully have a Damascus moment!’

Watch this space!

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