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Ex-smoker pays tribute to E-Lites after finishing his first half-marathon

Posted on September 15, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

A reformed smoker from North London set a new personal record last weekend when he ran in the Bristol Half Marathon and raised more than £500 for charity.

Keith Brown, 25, was only able to compete in the event after switching from traditional cigarettes to the safer alternative of E-Lites electronic cigarettes, which are free of tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide.

Having smoked for 10 years, Keith says he feels fitter and stronger than ever and could not have contemplated such an athletic challenge before making the switch to E-Lites.

Marathon runners Keith and Ben

Inspired by the change in his lifestyle, he contacted E-Lites and was delighted to receive generous sponsorship and support from the Birmingham-based company.

Keith completed the 13.5-mile run in an impressive one hour and 33 minutes with his housemate and training partner, Ben Stein, finishing close behind in one hour and 38 minutes.

E-LItes co-director Dermot Ryan said: “We get phone calls and emails from customers every week telling us what a difference E-Lites have made to their lives. These are people who have smoked tobacco cigarettes for many years, in some cases, and are now pursuing a new lifestyle by switching to electronic cigarettes. It was great to hear from Keith and Ben and we’re only too pleased to support them.”

E-Lites give users the familiar feeling of smoking, but without the most harmful ingredients, such as tobacco, tar and added carbon monoxide.

Keith said: “Both Ben and I are really pleased with what we achieved. We’ve been training very hard the last few weeks and thanks to the support of the crowd, along with our friends and family, we’ve raised a great sum.

“It’s fantastic that E-Lites kindly agreed to sponsor us. We couldn’t do this without them; not least because I was a smoker who only felt fit enough to take on a physical challenge of this magnitude after switching from tobacco cigarettes to E-Lites electronic cigarettes. A half-marathon is something I could not have imagined doing previously. Smoking tobacco does so much damage to lungs and you kind of take them for granted, when you use them like you do when your training you start to value them a bit more. We hope that, in addition to raising funds for charity, we can also raise awareness of the great alternative that E-Lites offers to smokers who can’t give up their nicotine habit.”

To donate to Keith and Ben’s worthwhile charity event, please visit www.justgiving.com/KeithandBen

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