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The ultimate challenge: E-Lites G9 Electronic cigarettes vs. Tobacco cigarettes

Posted on July 22, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

The ultimate comparison needs to happen, how does an electronic cigarette compare to a tobacco cigarette?

I am not going to do this review on the basis of health, every western European smoker understands the risks and the arguments and quite frankly it bores me to tears. So you will not be getting the argument that e cigs are better for you from me. I am more concerned about the convenience, taste and effect.

I like lighting up, I have been smoking for 30 years and it is something I enjoy. I also now like vaping having first tried it two years ago. However, I have yet to find a convenient mass market e cig that matches up to my needs. I have found prominent brands, fiddly, unreliable and their cartridges leaky......... Enter the E-Lites G9 series.

E-Lites are a UK based electronic cigarette firm who have just launched a new generation of products. Their press office is claiming that they are the most robust, most reliable electronic cigarettes on the market. But how do they compare to the real thing?


I used to be able to light up everywhere, now I cannot. I am restricted. I used to love having a fag after an expensive meal, for some reason it tasted great. Now I have to exit said restaurant and smoke outside, potentially in the cold and wet.

The E-Lites can be smoked anywhere, it is completely unrestricted so potentially I can revisit my love of a cigarette after a meal. That is a winner for me.

1-0  to the electronic cigarette.


It’s a very simple process lighting a cigarette. I take one from the box and light it. Uncomplicated and something I have done for years.

The new E-Lites are actually very simple as well. It is a two part system and all I had to do was simply screw the two parts together and stick it in my mouth ...very easy and totally uncomplicated.

A draw.


As I said earlier I like smoking, I love the burn and I love the taste. Tobacco does it for me. The E-Lites will have a big job to measure up.

This e cig actually has a good taste, different to tobacco but close. I love the amount of smoke it emits giving me a good amount of ‘vape’ to draw fully into my lungs. It’s the best e cig I have ever used, however its not as good as my fags! If I wanted to say goodbye to tobacco I would be happy to use this electronic cigarette as it stands up and delivers, but I do not!



Ultimately a tobacco cigarette is addictive because it delivers a nicotine hit, it is a highly effective delivery system for nicotine. The electronic cigarette is also brilliant at this. I got a very satisfactory hit from the e cig on every inhalation. No difference between the two on this apart from the fact that I do not smell of smoke when I use the E-Lite!


So, overall we have a tie - amazing! We therefore have to go to penalties, a most unsatisfactory way of deciding a challenge in my view. I suppose I am now forced to go to the health issue and concede defeat for tobacco...... I am not happy about this!


As a committed smoker of tobacco I will continue with my habit as I enjoy it. However I have now finally found an electronic cigarette which works well and tastes great. I will have no hesitation using the E-Lites e cig when I am denied my human rights and banned from smoking in public places. It really is a great alternative!

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