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How to choose the best electronic cigarette

Posted on July 10, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

How to choose the best electronic cigaretteThe growth in the sales of electronic cigarettes in UK, USA and Europe has been nothing short of phenomenal since their introduction around 2005. With any maturing market, brand differences become increasingly important. So how do you choose the best electronic cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA) have projected that there will be over 1million UK users by 2015. Some are more bullish: leading UK electronic cigarette brand E-lites believe “more than half of British smokers will have swapped to electronic cigarettes by 2017” with over 8000 smokers currently switching every month.

This growth will increase consumers concerns about quality; in a competitive market they will be looking at clear pointers to the best electronic cigarette.

Deciding on the best e-cig probably comes down to a combination of taste and reliability:

Best electronic cigarette – taste

The taste of an electronic cigarette is a matter of personal….well, taste really. As with tobacco cigarettes, one man’s smooth smoke is another woman’s throatburner. The taste of an electronic cigarette can never reproduce exactly the taste of an traditional cigarette – thankfully, as electronic cigarettes don’t contain the tar, tobacco and other chemicals that make up their traditional counterpart.

However, whilst some electronic cigarette suppliers are content to use a generic nicotine blend, others invest considerable time and cost to get the blend right; a blend that smoker’s recognise and appreciate. This is important because few smokers will successfully switch if they cannot link the taste of the electronic cigarette to the taste of their usual tobacco brand.

And the taste is something that the best electronic cigarette will have across its entire range – a switch from regular to low nicotine e-cigs or the menthol range should carry the consistency of quality throughout.

Best electronic cigarette – technology

The best electronic cigarette uses the best available technology to ensure their users have a reliable smoking alternative.

All electronic cigarettes use a battery, and the life of the battery affects the smoking experience in two ways. The battery life will determine how often it has to be replaced, and the time between recharging will mean the user can smoke more ‘cigarettes’. The best electronic cigarette has a battery that allows for over 300 genuine re-charges without noticeable 'user time' degradation and will be encased in a strong, high grade rubber protective surround to guard against accidental drops, knocks and bumps. The battery will last a genuine 30-40 'cigarettes' use (300-400 puffs) before needing a charge.

Like their tobacco equivalents, not all electronic cigarettes are the same and finding a great tasting e-cig with reliable technology is a good indication you have switched to the best electronic cigarette.

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