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Life’s not a beach for cigarette smokers

Posted on October 1, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

We reported on our Facebook page earlier plans are underway in Blackpool for a ban on smoking in their public parks, and earlier this month the Daily Mail reported that this may be the tip of the iceberg as the Coalition’s Localism Bill will give council’s – and in theory ordinary citizens – the power to extend current legislation at a local level. Bad news for smokers, good news for electronic cigarette users.

This second wave of legislation is likely to affect public spaces like parks and beaches – and could even be extended to what has previously been considered ‘private’ spaces. For example The Daily Mail reports some councils including Warrington in Cheshire and Stony Stratford, near Milton Keynes, are planning to outlaw smoking in cars carrying children.

Although this extension of legislation into public spaces is a first for the UK, it reflects legislation in the USA and Europe where such bans are already in place. Of course, the danger is that it will create a patchwork of legislation through the UK. A smoker could literally cross the road to find different rules apply.

Smokers can make life easier for themselves if they switch to electronic cigarettes. The areas covered in UK legislation on banning of smoking do not apply to electronic cigarettes and the prospect of ‘beating the ban’ is one of the many reasons why people switch to E-lites. Of course some private organisations have asked people not to use them in some circumstances – on aeroplanes for example - but these are based around security concerns and nothing to do with the health concerns.

London2012 was an important event for many reasons but was also a test of public perception of electronic cigarettes. Happily users who attended the event were pleased to report that they could use them throughout the Olympic Village without any restrictions. Many talked to stewards before hand but others did not feel the need. As the press report further on e cigs, more celebs are seen ‘vaping’ and the number of users grow even larger and become more visible, then users will have increased confidence to ‘E-lite’ up in public places.

For smokers the writing is on the Notice Board as well as on the wall. As some councils move to a Zero Tolerance policy there will be fewer and fewer opportunities away from the home to smoke in public.

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