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On electronic cigarettes and attractiveness

On electronic cigarettes and attractiveness

Posted on November 1, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

We recently read a blog which claimed that a recent survey found men smoking an electronic cigarette “are more attractive to women.” Well, we doubt that very much. An E-Lites electronic cigarette is many things – tobacco free, tar free, money saving – but even we doubt its ability to make men more attractive. Unlike the makers of certain alcohol brands or body sprays, we don’t think attractiveness is product related at all. The survey seems a little far fetched.

However, in one way we can see where they are coming from. When compared to a traditional smoker, the electronic cigarette smoker already has some distinct advantages. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is smell. Tobacco smokers know that smokers smell – but they always tend to think it is OTHER smokers smell. Non-smokers aren’t fooled at all, and they – with their better sense of smell – can sniff out a smoker a mile off – and it is never a pleasant experience. If it was only the smell of breath things might not be too bad, but it doesn’t stop there: clothes, hair, houses and cars all quickly begin to smell the same. Getting rid of this smell is almost impossible – there is no Fabreze to do this job.

Electronic cigarettes don’t cause their users to smell because they contain no tobacco. They emit vapour – not smoke. There is no danger of passive smoking and a user can ‘vape’ away without polluting anyone’s home, car or personal space.

Another ‘attractive’ feature is that electronic cigarette users don’t need to scurry off to satisfy a need for nicotine. There is not much attractive about a bunch of smokers huddled against the British weather in doorways and backyards. Ecigs are not covered by the tobacco ban, so users can wine and dine and vape without problem. Users can ‘smoke’ their electronic cigarette in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants without problem.

And while we don’t want to be mercenary, the E-Lites user will have plenty of spare cash around for all that wining and dining – and hopefully for lots more treats too. We reckon our customers save about 75% compared with traditional tobacco smokers.

So whilst we cannot promise that E-Lites will make any one more attractive we can help them smell better and save money at the very least.


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