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Pack Up The Fag, Pick Up The Swag

Pack Up The Fag, Pick Up The Swag

Posted on March 12, 2013 by Dave There have been 0 comments

This Wednesday sees the 30th No Smoking Day – a day of the year where the No Smoking Day charity and supporters give a push for tobacco smokers up and down the country to kick the habit. This year, in our tough economic situation, is all about exploring what you could be buying with the money you would save from giving up cigarettes.

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One thing that smokers who have successfully given up tobacco wonder is just how much money they would have spent. With this in many minds and this year’s theme being all about that, we have produced an easy-to-read chart based on the cigarette slider on our webpage – and can show you how much you would save if you used this No Smoking Day to switch to E-Lites.

As you can see, even a light smoker can save themselves up to a thousand pounds a year with electronic cigarettes – which will easily pay for a new boiler, say, which we could all do with following the recent weather! There are plenty of advantages to giving up smoking and saving money is one of them. Hopefully this No Smoking Day can start you on your path to a better you and a better wallet.

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