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Proud Of Our Recycling

Proud Of Our Recycling

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Dave There have been 0 comments

We're very proud at E-Lites of our E-Tip recycling and reward scheme, and to recognise World Environment Day, we're able to reveal that in the last 12 months, we've had an astonishing 350,000 E-Tips sent to us for recycling.

The media and various newspapers picked up the story of our recycling and our CEO, Adrian Everett, told them: "As the UK market leader, E-Lites want to set the precedent for ensuring that used e-tips are disposed of responsibly. The e-cig category is currently experiencing phenomenal growth, so it is vital that measures are put in place now to recycle the large numbers of used E-Tips being generated by the increased demand. By incentivising our customers to return their used E-Tips, we can not only reward them for their loyalty to the brand, we can also make sure that as few of our E-Tips as possible end up in landfill."

All E-Lites used E-Tips will be recycled by Williams Environmental. The company will deconstruct the E-Tips using a furnace with the resulting metal, known as ally-iron (aluminium iron mix), being harvested into ingots ready to be re-used by the metals industry.

Thanks to our customers sending back their tips and caring as much for the environment as we do.

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