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E-Lites electronic cigarettes to help smokers refuel at Roadchef

Posted on December 1, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

E-Lites electronic cigarettes are moving into the retail fast lane this month as they go on sale in Roadchef motorway service areas across the UK.

The leading British brand has developed a revolutionary new type of electronic cigarette for the retail market, the E-30, which is being introduced into all 20 Roadchef sites during November.

The E-30 is E-Lites’ most innovate product to date – the first single-use device which can subsequently be recharged for ongoing use.

The appearance of counter-top display stands in Roadchef outlets represents a significant breakthrough in the wider commercial availability of E-Lites, which are a safer and cheaper alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and are also unrestricted for use in public places both indoors and outdoors.

E-Lites are at the forefront of the electronic cigarette revolution, which has inspired hundreds of thousands of smokers to ditch conventional cigarettes in favour of an alternative that’s free of tar and tobacco and doesn’t produce smoke or strong odours, yet still provides a familiar intake of nicotine.

As with all E-Lites, the E-30 is based around advanced technology that converts a solution – comprising pure nicotine, water and authentic flavourings – into a vapour that is inhaled.

To date, E-Lites have been offered as either one-off disposables or as rechargeable starter kits, with replacement cartridges known as E-Tips available to order. But the new E-30 delivers the best of both worlds since it immediately offers the equivalent of approximately 30 cigarettes, with the additional option of recharging and replacement E-Tips for continuing use.

Crucially, the E-30 is competitively priced so that smokers who are new to the brand can sample the product inexpensively and then decide whether they will continue.

E-Lites co-director Adrian Everett said: “The unique electronic cigarettes we have developed over the past five years have become increasingly popular among sensible smokers who have purchased them via our website www.e-lites.co.uk. We’re immensely proud of our success to date but we’re also mindful of the many smokers who have yet to experience E-Lites. We wanted to open up that option by broadening our range and introducing an entry-level device that’s very affordable but can be retained for ongoing use.

“Making our products available from Roadchef sites, which welcome around 60 million visitors nationally each year, will undoubtedly encourage greater awareness of the sensible smoking alternative we have created.”

Mike Heaton, Director of Commercial and Loss Prevention at Roadchef, added: ‘Roadchef is proud to be working with E-Lites and we look forward to offering customers who smoke an alternative to the traditional cigarette. Sales to date indicate that smokers are very interested in purchasing this product from both our retail shops and forecourts.”

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