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Ronnie Wood goes out for a cigarette - and misses his award!

Posted on July 8, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

Rolling Stones’ legendary guitarist Ronnie Wood had an embarrassing moment recently when he was due to be given the best newcomer prize at the Arqiva Commercial Radio awards.

He was sat at his table with other invitees when he suddenly felt the common urge to go for a cigarette, of course meaning he would have to go outside which he did.

As the timing for his award approached ever closer producers frantically tried phoning around to rush him back in alas he missed the award despite being present on the occasion.

The award was due to be given by Wood’s colleague Christian O’Connell who was himself amused at the goings on. He looked around quizzically before letting everyone know Mr.Wood would not be able to collect the award.

After having a cigarette outside he walked calmly back to his table and asked of the others, “What have I missed?” There was no need for a reply as the organisers had to give him his award after the night had concluded, much to Woods’ embarrassment.

If only it was an electronic cigarette then this situation could have been easily avoided, as he could have sat at his table and smoked casually without having to go anywhere!

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