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Smoking enters a new age as E-Lites launch best ever electronic cigarettes

Smoking enters a new age as E-Lites launch best ever electronic cigarettes

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Dave There have been 0 comments

Introducing E-Lites G9The smoking revolution takes a giant leap forward this week as E-Lites launch the most advanced electronic cigarettes ever developed.

The latest range of E-Lites represent the next generation of electronic cigarettes. They feature unique micro-technology to give smokers the most realistic, simple and reliable alternative to conventional cigarettes, but with the advantages of being significantly safer, much less expensive and unrestricted for use in most public places.

E-Lites, set up in 2007, is now the UK’s leading electronic cigarette brand with a number of celebrity fans, but the company’s latest G9 range is the most satisfying, easy-to-use and durable yet.

G9 Diamond Core Technology

Breakthrough technology has given E-Lites unsurpassed longevity, with rechargeable starter kits (£39.99) that provide the equivalent of around 200 cigarettes and E-Tips refills that have a lifespan far beyond any others on the market. There’s also the option of single disposables (£9.99) that provide the equivalent of around 40 cigarettes.

The battery life of E-Lites is the longest of any other e-cigarette, and the E200 model comes in a toughened plastic case with a built-in USB connection for easy recharging.

New features include diamond core components at the heart of every product, which enable them to withstand the harshest drops and bumps.

Even the user experience has been enhanced to unprecedented levels, with signature tobacco flavourings specially formulated for UK tastes and an internal micro-switch that delivers the most precise and consistent delivery of nicotine vapour with each inhalation.

Available in Standard, Light and Menthol variations, E-Lites contain pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, combined with purified water and flavourings. This solution is converted into a vapour upon inhaling, which gives users the familiar feeling of smoking, but without the most harmful ingredients of cigarettes, such as tobacco, tar and added chemicals.

At a recent ‘Tobacco Amnesty’ in London to mark World No Tobacco Day, TV’s Dr Hilary Jones acknowledged that E-Lites were “a safer option” for smokers who could not quit completely and preferred a product that is used like a cigarette, rather than nicotine patches or gum.

E-Lites produce an odour-free vapour, rather than smoke, and are unrestricted, which means they can be used almost anywhere.

The cost-savings are also significant. It is estimated that a typical 20-a-day smoker could save around £162 per month by switching from conventional cigarettes to E-Lites.

E-Lites Director Adrian Everett said: “We’re immensely proud to be unveiling not only the best electronic cigarettes we have ever created, but we believe the best ever developed anywhere. Over the past four years, the E-Lites brand has become synonymous with superior electronic cigarettes, not just in the UK but also overseas, where we are experiencing considerable demand. However, we are never content to rest on our laurels and this latest G9 range is the result of significant investment in research and development to produce the most distinguished electronic cigarette out there.

“The fact is that we are now in the 21st century and conventional cigarettes are becoming outdated. Smokers who cannot quit or don’t want to quit are interested in a safer and more cost-effective option. Our unique technology and design innovations have made that possible and we expect to see E-Lites become prevalent over the next few years.”

10 Key Features of New E-Lites

  • Extended battery life
  • Long-lasting ‘E-Tips’ refills
  • Highly durable build quality
  • Easiest to use
  • Patented two-piece design
  • Built-in USB connectivity
  • Diamond core technology to withstand bumps
  • Signature flavourings
  • Active micro-switch for even delivery of nicotine vapour
  • Comprehensive warranty

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