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Smoking shelters

Posted on July 29, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

Smoking in rain

Have you made the switch to electronic cigarettes yet?

A nicotine habit is all very well, but let’s face it – it’s getting harder and harder to find places in which tobacco smokers can enjoy their health-wrecking habit undisturbed. Smoking in defined public places has been banned across England since 2007 and in Scotland since 2006, subject to a fine of up to £50.

Dedicated smokers in search of that vital nicotine hit to get them through the day are instead forced out into cramped smoking shelters or simply into the rain and cold.

Even the right to a relaxing puff in your car may be under threat: the Welsh Assembly is currently considering a ban on smoking in them when carrying children. It is not difficult to imagine this restriction, as sensible as it may seem, being extended further if it passes into law.

Once smoking was a near universal habit, associated with rebellion, glamour and adulthood. But those days are increasingly distant and the overwhelming message sent to smokers these days is one of guilt and exclusion. But given the damage which tobacco does to health, this message is arguably in the best interests of the smokers and could help motivate them to switch to a safer alternative.

One alternative to the clinical joylessness of the nicotine patch and the hypnotherapist is E-Lites electronic cigarettes. These deliver a controlled dose of nicotine with all the fun and ritual of smoking. There is none of the shameful secrecy of the nicotine patch or the drudgery of traipsing outside to enjoy a puff. As E-Lites electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, they are exempt from the public smoking ban! You can legally smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere!

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