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'Tobacco Amnesty' on World No Tobacco Day

Posted on June 2, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

A ‘Tobacco Amnesty’ supported by TV doctor Hilary Jones saw hundreds of smokers ditch their old cigarettes in favour of safer E-Lites electronic cigarettes.

The pioneering initiative took place on World No Tobacco Day (Tuesday 31st May) and gave commuters at Liverpool Street Station in London a chance to  try smoking without tobacco, tar or chemicals by binning their old cigarettes in exchange for one of E-Lites’ revolutionary new disposable electronic cigarettes. E-Lites replicate the experience of smoking with a realistic-looking device that turns a pure nicotine solution into a vapour that is inhaled like a cigarette.

Electronic Cigarettes in London for World No Tobacco Day   A tobacco amnesty in London to encourage smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes
Dr Hilary Jones encouraging smokers to switch to electronic cigarettes on World No Tobacco Day

E-Lites director Adrian Everett said: “The response on the day was astounding and far beyond our best expectations. People were fascinated to find that there’s now a credible alternative to real cigarettes that is safer, cheaper and unrestricted for use in public places. The interest in our Tobacco Amnesty proves beyond doubt that smokers who are struggling to stop, or simply don’t want to quit, are open to new ideas, and just as VHS videotapes have been overtaken by DVDs and digital downloads, we believe E-Lites will render cigarettes outdated before too long.”


Dr Hilary Jones

Hilary Jones, who was at Tobacco Amnesty to offer advice and encourage smokers to take part, said: "As a GP, I'm more aware than most of the detrimental health effects of smoking tobacco. I see the short-term and long-term effects and have lost far too many patients needlessly through chronic lung disease and heart disease caused by smoking. I've seen the disabilities caused by amputations as a result of circulatory problems, again caused by smoking. Of course, we have NHS smoking cessation clinics, nicotine replacement therapy and various forms of medication available on prescription.

“Electronic cigarettes are another alternative for people who want to avoid the known carcinogenic effects and other by-products of smoking tobacco. I understand the addictive power of smoking and there are some people who like the hand-to-mouth habit and the inhalation of nicotine. If they can't quit completely, then this is a safer option."

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