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Using Your E-Lites Electronic Cigarette on Holiday in Europe

Using Your E-Lites Electronic Cigarette on Holiday in Europe

Posted on May 28, 2013 by Dave There have been 0 comments

Though they have been positively embraced on these shores, electronic cigarettes continue to receive a mixed reception across the continent. In fact, it might surprise you to discover that the UK is actually one of the most open-minded countries when it comes to electronic cigarettes, with their use being completely legal, and permitted in all locations. So with the summer holiday season looming it is worth finding out just where you can use your E-Lites electronic cigarette on the continent.

Across Europe the picture is quite blurred in terms of where, when and how electronic cigarettes can be used, as a number of governments are still trying to get their head around just where the alternative to traditional smoking products sits. In a handful of countries across the continent the products are banned outright as part of strict laws on all types of smoking. So if you’re heading to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway or Turkey on your summer holidays, or Sweden or Finland (where partial bans will include E-Lites products) you may have to leave the E-Lites electronic cigarettes at home unfortunately.

Other countries though are much more open to electronic cigarette usage, particularly in central and Eastern Europe and so you will be free to use your E-Lites in Moscow’s Red Square, or whilst traversing Prague’s famous Charles Bridge. Similarly electronic cigarettes are permitted throughout Poland, Latvia, and Estonia, whilst in Ukraine they are permitted to be used, but not in public places.

It will perhaps be of no surprise to learn that the ever open-minded Netherlands also permits the use of electronic cigarettes, although only after an attempted blanket ban by the government was overturned by the Dutch Courts. Similarly in Germany electronic cigarettes are permitted from Berlin to Bavaria, and they are also currently legal and allowed in France too, although be aware that the French Government is currently looking at legislation, so this could change.

If you’re heading to the Mediterranean for a touch of summer sun, then you’ll be glad to hear that you will be free to relax with your E-Lites electronic cigarette in Italy, Malta and Spain. And though there is some confusion over electronic cigarette usage in Greece, at the time of writing, the products are currently legal.

It is also worth noting that many airlines enforce their own regulations on the use of electronic cigarettes on board their aircraft, and so if you are thinking of ‘vaping’ on the way to or from your destination always check the airline’s policy on electronic cigarettes ahead of checking-in.

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