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Vanessa Hudgens caught smoking in car

Posted on July 29, 2011 by Dave There have been 0 comments

A host of paparazzi’s recently caught starlet Vanessa Hudgens in a position her publicist would not be happy with; smoking.

The media certainly love to highlight bad habits and this ex Disney sweetheart made a number of headlines for smoking a cigarette.

Driving down La Cienega and Santa Monica the photographers caught her smoking whilst sitting in the passenger seat of a car. She quickly tried to conceal the evidence and began frantically trying to throw away the cigarette in a futile attempt at covering her tracks. As she moved quickly apparently in a daze and flicked the cigarette bud away, we wonder why she doesn’t just smoke E-Lites electronic cigarettes which would not cause her to be stigmatised by the public and vilified by the press.

Vanessa Hudgens caught smoking

Had Vanessa been caught with an E-Lites electronic cigarette she may have been forgiven by the public as it is renowned as the safer alternative to smoking universally and supported by many of her more illustrious Hollywood colleagues. Electronic cigarettes are also legal to smoke anywhere so there would be no problem smoking in a car.

In an industry like Hollywood it is easy to be lead astray and crack due to the pressures of the profession, however it is always worth paying care and attention to the image you portray to the public of your off-screen persona which is arguably more important when it comes to impressionable young minds who follow closely the exploits of their on screen heroes.

Smoking an E-Lites instead is the best way to avoid at least pitfalls of being caught smoking a tobacco cigarette, and we recommend everyone who smokes, to make the change now.

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