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World No Tobacco Day Quiz

World No Tobacco Day Quiz

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Dave There have been 0 comments

It is May 31st this Friday, the annual date of World No Tobacco Day. Launched by the World Health Organisation twenty-five years ago, the day is acknowledged throughout the world, highlighting the dangers of tobacco and smoking in particular.

As a tobacco-free alternative to traditional smoking products, we realise that many of you will be aware of the dangers and issues surrounding tobacco, but how much do you actually know about it? Why not take our World No Tobacco Day quiz and compare your results against your friends and fellow E-Lites electronic cigarette users.

1. In what year was World No Tobacco Day first held?
A. 1978
B. 1988
C. 2000

2. How often is World No Tobacco Day held?
A. Fortnightly
B. Annually
C. Biannually

3. What percentage of an E-Lites electronic cigarette is made-up by tobacco?
A. 15%
B. 0%
C. 76.4%

4. Which organisation set up World No Tobacco Day?
A. World Heart Organisation
B. World Health Organisation
C. Welsh Hospitals Operative

5. According to the World Health Organisation how many people die through exposure to tobacco each year?
A. 5 million
B. 6 million
C. 56 million

6. Tobacco was first used on which continent?
A. Asia
B. America
C. Antarctic

7. According to the WHO what percentage of the world’s population have access to comprehensive services to treat tobacco dependence?
A. 2%
B. 5%
C. 25%

8. In which year was the ban on smoking in public places introduced in the UK?
A. 2004
B. 2007
C. 2012

9. Scientists claim that the average tobacco smoker will lose how many years of their life due to smoking?
A. 10
B. 14
C. 3

10. According to WHO approximately what percentage of cigarettes sold around the world are smuggled?
A. 20%
B. 25%
C. 4%

So, how did you fair? If you answered;

Mostly As
Well, you’re not quite an expert, but you’re not far away! Close, but no cigar… not even an E-Lites e-cigar.

Mostly Bs
Then you were bang on the money; have you ever considered working for the World Health Organisation? You could be their new World No Tobacco Day expert.

Mostly Cs
The Welsh Hospitals Operative, seriously? Way off the money, I'm afraid.

Nevertheless, if you want to know more - visit our dedicated page for more on World No Tobacco Day and E-Lites electronic cigarettes.

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