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    Electronic Cigarette Glossary

    Analog / Analogue cigarettes: Conventional or outdated tobacco cigs.

    ASH: (Action on Smoking and Health) ASH UK warily supports electronic cigarettes, as does ASH New Zealand. However ASH USA still opposes their use.

    Atomiser: The ignition compartment of the e-cig where a heating element warms the liquid nicotine and turns it into vapour.

    Cartridge / Carts / E-tips: The bottom of an electronic cigarette which is filled with liquid nicotine.

    CASAA: (Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association) An American non-profitable group who support electronic cigarette users.

    Disposable: A non-rechargeable e-cigarette designed to be thrown away once finished.

    Dipping / Dripping: When an atomiser is dipped in liquid nicotine or when liquid nicotine is dripped over an atomiser before use.

    Dry smoking: When a user tries to vape but the liquid nicotine floods the tip, leading to no vapour being produced.

    ECA / ECASSOC: (The Electronic Cigarette Association) A group based in the US who enforce standards on its members.

    E-Juice / E-liquid / Smoke Juice: The nicotine liquid present in the e-tip of an electronic cigarette.

    Electronic Cigarette / Tobaccoless Cigarette / E-Cigarette / E-cig / Personal Vaporiser: A cigarette which contains an atomiser. This atomiser vaporises the liquid nicotine when a user vapes, the vapour is then inhaled by the user. Some brands also produce a cigar version.

    Flooding: When the nicotine fluid floods the atomiser.

    LED: (Light-emitting diode) The light at the front of an e-cig. The light will illuminate when the e-cig is in use and will flash when the battery needs recharging.

    MOD: (Modified) When a vaper alters their electronic cigarette so that it emits more vapour.

    Mouthpiece: The electronic equivalent to a tobacco cig butt! It is where a user places their mouth to use the electronic cigarette.

    Propylene Glycol: A regular element for the majority of e-cig brands. It is a colourless and non-toxic liquid. A few brands use Vegetable Glycerine which is a sweeter tasting alternative.

    Starter Kits: A kit which contains everything you need to start using electronic cigarettes e.g. spare e-tips, battery & charger.

    Throat  Kick / Hit: A sensation felt in the throat of a vaper when using their e-cig. Tends to be measured by pleasure, strength and after-taste.

    Topping Off: To adding more liquid nicotine to an e-tip.

    Wick: Little segment of fabric holding the liquid nicotine in the e-tip.

    Vape: Originates from ‘vapour’. The act of smoking an electronic cigarette.

    Vaper: A person who uses electronic cigarettes.

    Vaping: The action of inhaling from an e-cig.