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    E-Cigarette Reviews

    We are grateful for all the electronic cigarette reviews written from around the world by people who have bought our electronic cigarettes.

    It’s always great to hear from people about our E-Lites electronic cigarettes and reading some of the more heart-warming stories of individuals going from smoking tobacco cigarettes to smoking E-Lites.

    We would love to see more electronic cigarette reviews from everyone so please feel free to send them in, be it a written electronic cigarette review or a video review of our electronic cigarettes; we look forward to seeing them all.


    "Credit has to be given here because E-Lites has improved its product a great deal from the first version and they are much, much better than before. I have a selection of electronic cigarettes here and at the moment E-Lites are my preferred choice."

    Review from 'bestsmartphonetoday.com'


    "The packaging is superb. You get a case which looks like a real cigarette packet and which holds the main battery (which looks like a cigarette), the atomizer, 5 cartridges (equivalent to 60-75 cigarettes) and the USB charger. In short you get everything you need to get started and decide if this solution works for you."

    Review from 'Lost in Mobile'


    "Oh yes, I am confident that the E-60's are working for me because I still feel like a smoker. I do not feel like I am depriving myself of anything and feel no different than I did before I first used the product. The fact that there is no smell at all, that I can smoke anywhere I like (with more than a few strange glances) and that it is doing me no harm seems to have melted into the background in no time at all."

    Review from 'Electronic Cig Review'



    "I have been a heavy smoker all my life and this was a huge point of worry for my family, and was making life difficult at work too. Always going outside for a cigarette was causing me some earache!  E-Lites feel like smoking but of course it wasn't anywhere near as bad as tobacco cigarettes. I also smoke them inside and at work I keep one on my desk handy. They don't smell and they taste like real cigarette! Honestly would reccommend to anyone"

    Review from Jonathan Woodbell


    "I've been a smoker for a few years now, since I was in school. My husband thinks it's an awful habit (I agree, just can't stop!) and he got me an E-Lites starter kit as a gift that he felt would help me cope without cigs, because a friend had told him about it, and I've been using it for a few months and it's top stuff!"

    Review from Shannon Tanya


    "E-Lites are really bloody amazing... There is a mini heating element inside the e-fag that zaps the water / nicotine / flavour mixture and gives the smoker a real sense of having a fag with the nicotine hit. Each tip has the mixture and you just replace one tip for about 20 fags worth. The E-Lite electronic cigarette has enough charge for a tip and then you can charge the fag with your USB socket on your PC. It comes with a USB adaptor in the packet.

    You don't get the Bad Effects of smoking tobacco (or Ashtray breath!) I've stood next to people using the E-Lite and I had no idea they were puffing away until I saw it their mouth and the green light on the tip lit up.

    They are cheaper too. I asked smokers who bought these what they thought and they say they taste like a fag and give the same nicotine rush as a fag. This is a great idea and although not the only electronic cigarette on the market I'd say this is the nearest I've seen to a real smoking experience (without the choking and grey pallor)"

    Review from GlowGadgets.TV


    "I was really curious about what these E-Lites were when one of my friends smoked one inside a bar - I told her stop smoking inside and she laughed and told me you can smoke these inside - I never looked back since! I smoke them all the time now, inside, outside, pubs, clubs, and next to old women under the bus shelter! They are great."

    Jermaine Tyler, London


    "I came over from Western Africa 9 years ago with my daughter who hated me smoking because she hates the smell of them. I found E-Lites and I started to smoke them, and I do not smell bad anymore, so I am happy and this is excellent."

    Leena Njowla

    "As a committed smoker of tobacco I will continue with my habit as I enjoy it. However I have now finally found an electronic cigarette which works well and tastes great. I will have no hesitation using the E-Lites e cig when I am denied my human rights and banned from smoking in public places. It really is a great alternative!" (read more)

     Ian Pietersen 

    "for convenience and experience I am bowled over by the E-Lites and actually look forward to using them. Just moments after my first experience I was online ordering more carts and batteries and I feel it is worth every penny. I really can't imagine myself going back to analogues again. This really does feel like a fresh start." 


    Lucky8, E-Cigarette forum 

    "They seem to be the best thing tried so far. Bother in law tried mine and has ordered his pack online and is using it successfully (60 to 80 a day man normally). A few of the Harley Davidson Chapter have tried mine and also have ordered online. My son has also switched by nicking mine"

    Pat Turner

    "May I take this opportunity to tell you that I am thrilled with this alternative way of smoking! It is the first time I have been able to stop smoking normally and I am now almost 62 years of age! It is never too late and I have told countless people about your e- lites" 

    Christine Lagdon 


    Ignore my previous email. The post was late, the product just arrived and I am very satisfied. The design is nice, much more professional that my previous e-cigarette. The G9 technology means I wont have to purchase atomizers from time to time which is great. Very glad I purchased it however I regret not buying the E-Pro 4. I just looked up on it and realised it has a portable charger, wall charger and a dock. I can see myself purchasing the portable case in the near future. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer