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    Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

    E-Lites electronic cigarette kits are the ideal way to start E-Liting!

    We are delighted to introduce the latest range of electronic cigarettes on the UK market; the E-Lites G9 Series. The G9 e-cigarette starter kits are available with the equivalent of 80, or 200 cigarettes, a re-chargeable long-life battery and a convenient charger. We have a great range of electronic cigarette starter kits to suit all budgets and tastes.

    Browse the E-Lites range of electronic cigarette starter kits, which are available in regular nicotine strength (Reds), light strength (Golds), or menthol (Greens). Nicotine-free refill cartridges are compatible with the new G9 e-cigarette kits, but must be purchased separately. If you have any questions simply give our friendly service team a call.

    Only use genuine E-Lites chargers to charge your battery.

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    Autumn Essentials Kit

    G9 Series electronic cigarette starter kit with diamond core technology

    E-Lites G9 Electronic Cigarettes

    E-Lites are pleased to present the most technologically advanced range of electronic cigarettes to the UK market:
    the E-Lites G9 Electronic Cigarette Series.

    E-Lites have revamped their original 3-part e-cigarettes to create a more efficient 2-part device, comprising of a new long-life battery and the revolutionary e-tips. We have dispensed with the atomizer and created a patented E-Tip which incorporates an integral heating filament and packs around 400 inhalations per tip, which is the equivalent of 40 cigarettes. All our new products, including our electronic cigarette starter kits and disposable e-cigs utilise our new patented technology. The G9 electronic cigarettes are fully interchangeable, meaning you can switch from regular to light to menthol to nicotine-free instantly. Every e-tip is clearly marked so you know what strength or flavour it is. Easy!

    The G9’s battery utilises the strongest, highest grade Li-Ion composition to guarantee a long, stable and reliable battery life. This 'Diamond Core' allows for over 300 genuine re-charges without noticeable 'user time' degradation and is encased in a strong, high grade rubber protective surround (like a G-Shock watch) to guard against accidental drops, knocks and bumps.

    Unlike any other e-cig battery, the E-Lites G9 will last you a genuine 30-40 'cigarettes' use (300-400 puffs) before needing a charge. The charging time is longer than other brands, like an Apple iPad, but this is because our new composite battery delivers greatly increased ‘smoking’ time, helping to eliminate one of the major usage issues associated with other e-cigarette brands.

    Electronic cigarette starter kit - the G9 series range by E-Lites UK

    During the charge the LED on the G9 battery will illuminate until charged, dimming as the charge progresses. The LED on the USB charger will phase from red (very low / zero charge) to amber (mid charge) and finally bright green to identify full charge. This allows the user to monitor the charging process without confusion.

    These G9 batteries are comprehensively warranted for 6 months, with a like-for-like replacement if it fails within this time scale. The actual life expectancy is over 1 year, but it is difficult to predict the usage as all our smokers and vapers are different.

    E-Lites understand the needs and expectations of a smoker; the G9 battery will not only satisfy, but exceed and ultimately impress anybody using electronic cigarette starter kits, or experienced vapers. Reliability, durability, longevity and simplicity of use were at the heart of our latest e-cigarette design. We hope you enjoy using an E-Lites electronic cigarette starter kit as much as we enjoyed designing them for you!