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    At E-Lites we're strong believers in the power of self-belief, it's what drives people to do more.

    For some, it's the key to achieving greatness, for other it's the first step to making a simple, positive change to their lives. So whether you're determined to climb Kilimanjaro or simply be a great parent who can endure hours on the bouncy castle with the kids, we salute you. With self-belief you're free to do more, and anything is possible.

    If you're already made that switch to E-Lites, it's self-belief that has helped you to move past tobacco and you should already be feeling the benefits.

    So now we'd like to celebrate your self-belief by supporting you to take your self-belief further. To help you to achieve something you have always dreamed of doing.

    Simply describe your pledge to us using the form below and every month E-Lites will select a number of customers to support - through financial help or expert guidance - on their journey to make that pledge a reality. You may want to change the world, or just change your world; if you believe you can, the rest will follow.

    For inspiration take a look below at some of the challenges our employees and customers have already started.

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