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    Recycling for Rewards

    E-Lites Recycling and Rewards Scheme Recycling for Rewards

    Here at E-Lites we care about the environment and rewarding our customers. Therefore, we have developed a rewards scheme where you can recycle your old E-Tips in return for new ones.

    We send all the returned E-Tips into an official recycling programme because we like doing our bit for the planet and we hope that you enjoy your E-Tips!

    Please log in or register to download your rewards form

    How it works –

    Our recycling and rewards scheme works on a points system:

    1x E-Tips = 1 Point

    1x G9 Battery = 2 Points

    Return 20 Points = 2 E-Tips worth £7.99

    Return 25 Points = 1 G9 Battery (Red or Green)

    Claims may only be made following these guidelines (we cannot exchange 10 E-Tips for 1 E-Tip).


    There is no maximum amount of how many points you can send in at a time, however when sending in more than 20 E-Tips we ask you pre-bag these into multiples of 20/25 so we can process the claim as quickly as possible.


    How to claim your rewards –

    You must first log in or register to download your rewards form. When this form is completed then please send it with your used E-Tips to:

    Zandera Returns

    Zandera Ltd

    18 Buntsford Park Rd


    B60 3DX


    We recommend sending using a recorded delivery service.

    If you have any questions please call our customer service team on 01527 573 444 or email us on info@e-lites.co.uk.