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    Stop Smoking Aids

    Stop Smoking Product & DevicesE-Lites are not a stop smoking aid, they represent a harm reduction alternative. Many, if not most, smokers would like to quit the habit. Often this proves to be a lot more difficult than it would seem. After repeated attempts to give up, only to relapse and start smoking again, it is all too easy to just accept defeat and not try again. The good news, however, is that many smokers do finally achieve their aim and quit the habit for good by using a variety of methods including NRT's and hypnotism! It is by no means easy and perseverance and will power are needed. There are also many stop smoking aids such as nicotine patches, gums and sprays you can use which will help you kick the habit. If these do not work then E-Lites provide a third way, a genuine harm reducing alternative.

    Dr Hilary recommends Quit Smoking ProductsOne of the main problems is that smoking becomes ineradicably linked to common, everyday activities for many smokers. So having a cup of coffee, making a telephone call, having a drink and many other normal parts of a smoker's life seem impossible unless accompanied by a cigarette. It is not necessary to radically change your life in order to stop smoking, however. Various stop smoking aids are available to help you.