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Why Choose E-Lites?

Save money with E-Lite, Electric Cigarette Company60-75% CHEAPERSmoking an E-Lites electric cigarette could result in considerable financial savings compared with smoking traditional cigarettes. One of our E-tips can allow the usage equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes but can cost as little as £1.50. As a pack of 20 traditional cigarettes can cost £6.50 or more, the possible financial savings are obvious. A twenty a day smoker could save around £1,650 a year by converting to E-Lites!


E Cigarettes from E-litesNO TOBACCO, NO TAR

E-Lites emulate many aspects of smoking, yet contain NO Tobacco & produce NO Tar. E-Lites are available in different strengths so that you can continue to 'smoke' in your usual and familiar fashion. We also provide refills in Menthol flavour.


Why Choose Electronic Cigarettes? Smoking PermittedPLEASURABLE 'SMOKING' EXPERIENCE

Our products are designed to replicate the smoking experience authentically. With E-Lites you get plenty of "smoke" and a delicious, sumptuous & smooth cigarette taste.


E-Lites E200 kit



E-Lites products are Trade Marked, rigorously tested and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assessment. As a UK based company, we offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our range (see warranty link at bottom of page for full details). As market leaders we pride ourselves on our exemplary & rigorous standards.

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